Steem Engine Tools

Hello Everyone, Yesterday I completed the first version of Steem Engine Tools, a small set of tools for the Steem Engine platform. The current focus is on Delegations, as this is a relatively undocumented/hidden part of Steem-Engine which I feel many users would find useful.

Social Media – Steem

What is steem? Steem is a blockchain-based social media platform which incorporates concepts like upvotes, likes, posts, shares into a unique blockchain-based platform that pays (in STEEM) individuals who make subjective contributions to its community.

Bitcoin ATM: Trying to buy DASH

I noticed that there was a new Bitcoin ATM when I went on CoinATMRadar yesterday. This ATM resides in a Shopping Centre not that far from me, so I set off on a quest to buy whatever coins they offered. This ATM offered DASH and BTC at the time of writing. It now offers LTC

Steem: My First Year is Over!

Hey, Steem community, I have now been on Steem for a year, today, new years day, and I would like to take a look back on my year. To see what I have accomplished and gained thanks to this blockchain

2018: Bye!

So this is it, the end of 2018, the end of the year when I joined steem.

Steem Power: How I doubled it in just 2 months

Hello everyone, today I will be telling you how I doubled my Steem Power, from 120 SP To 240 SP. I managed to achieve this in 2 months, compared to the 9 months it took me to reach 120 SP!

Crypto: A New Experience

Since the age of 9, I have used computers. I first learned Visual Basic despite having no prior experience with computers. I then eventually made my way into crypto!

Hackathon: Meteor App (Not Steem)

Meteor App Concept The theme of this hackathon was space. This leads us to many websites, including the NASA data website. Here, we found many different data sources. After a good half hour or so of brainstorming and data gathering, going through many ideas such as:

Steem Monsters: Getting That 9 Win streak

I’m great at getting win streaks in Steem Monsters; Then losing them… Welcome to a rather different steem tools post.

Steem Delegation tool: The simple way

Simple Steem Delegation Tool Simply create a dynamic delegation link with the Steem Delegation tool.   The website is designed to match the theme of SteemConnect, while also distancing itself from trying to be SteemConnect, because, as we all know, there are too many SteemConnect scams out there. After deciding how much to delegate, you