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My Actifit Report Card: July 19 2019My Actifit Report Card: July 18 2019Managed To Just scrape the top with a tradeMy Actifit Report Card: July 7 2019Bought and sold some eth for a small profitSNAX VerificationSteemLeo: I did a good! Yay!SteemLEO Starting off Sad For Your Local @cadawgPassing on the steem torch to another great project, @solairitasEdward Maya & Vika Jigulina - Stereo Love but Every Other Beat is MissingPlankton Token: How to purchase with Keychain (Infographic)I C that it's time to payout! - CA Giveaway 2Check my latest fight ! seymuces vs cadawgCA Giveaway - Nearing the EndCA Giveaway - There's only so much teamworkCheck my latest fight ! twinpapa vs cadawgCheck my latest fight ! robertoueti vs cadawgI c some good teamwork going on now! | CA Giveaway Day 2I don't C Much TeamWork Going On | Summary Day 1Check my latest fight ! cadawg vs relaundersThe I wanna C Some Teamwork CA Giveaway/Contest!Check my latest fight ! null vs nullCheck my latest fight ! twinpapa vs cadawgCheck my latest fight ! undefined vs undefinedCheck my latest fight ! undefined vs undefinedCheck my latest fight ! undefined vs undefinedCheck my latest fight ! undefined vs undefinedCheck my latest fight ! undefined vs undefinedCheck my latest fight ! undefined vs undefinedCheck my latest fight ! undefined vs undefinedCheck my latest fight ! zhetane vs undefinedCheck my latest fight ! undefined vs countenancingCheck my latest fight ! undefined vs v0007Check my latest fight ! ivonei vs undefinedCheck my latest fight ! twinpapa vs cadawgCheck my latest fight ! franciscopr vs cadawgCheck my latest fight ! ivonei vs cadawgKeybase Verification Integration - For Steem?Check my latest fight ! twinpapa vs cadawgCheck my latest fight ! mermaidvampire vs cadawgCheck my latest fight ! makcumbl4 vs cadawgCheck my latest fight ! monajam vs cadawgCheck my latest fight ! mermaidvampire vs cadawgCrypto Markets See Red, European Stocks Teeter in Wake of Brexit Deadline ExtensionCheck my latest fight ! mongshter vs cadawgCheck my latest fight ! mongshter vs cadawgCheck my latest fight ! purbow vs cadawgCheck my latest fight ! unique.esprit vs cadawgCheck my latest fight ! makcumbl4 vs cadawgCheck my latest fight ! publicumaurora vs cadawgCheck my latest fight ! makcumbl4 vs cadawgCheck my latest fight ! chintya vs cadawgCheck my latest fight ! ajayiwaldorf vs cadawgCheck my latest fight ! mongshter vs cadawgCheck my latest fight ! gerber vs cadawgCheck my latest fight ! cadawg vs yacooMy Actifit Report Card: March 3 2019Most Cryptos See Gentle Green Amid Exceedingly Calm Market PictureCome play drug wars!Cryptos See Mild Movements After Market Surge, Bitcoin Holds Above $3,600Magic Dice: The first Steem Dice GameCrypto Exchange QuadrigaCX Reportedly Not Regulated by Canadian Securities WatchdogMy Actifit Report Card: February 5 2019Social Media - SteemUS Securities Regulator Solicits Blockchain Analytics Companies for Data ReviewBitcoin Approaches $3,500 as Top Cryptos See Mixed SignalsThe CA Giveaway/Contest Payout (CLOSED)The CA Giveaway Summary (Day #5)The CA Giveaway Summary (Day #4)The CA Giveaway Summary (Day #3)The CA Giveaway Summary (So Far)I CA Giveaway/Contest here! 🀣I'm A Minnow!Bitcoin ATM: Trying to buy DASHMy first year on steem: A Recap2018: Bye!Steem Power: How I doubled it in just 2 monthsSteem Monsters: Getting That 9 Win streakSteem Tools: DelegateHow do I write good content? (I don't but you can!)Ulog-Past: Hack-a-thon'd - What I did with my saturday!Psst... I probably should have said this earlier (Steem.Tools)Ulog:😞 I really wanna buy some steem😞I'm a Plankton, IISecond set of packs opened!I opened 10 of my SM packs last night, this is what I got!Steem Monsters: I am a Champion & I doubled my packs won!ULOG: The 180Β° turn of eventsULOG: I'm Soon to Be a Certified #uloggerMy Actifit Report Card: November 6 2018My Actifit Report Card: November 2 2018My Actifit Report Card: November 1 2018Welcome @webgeek1 to the blockchainFundstrat’s Tom Lee β€˜Pleasantly Surprised’ by Recent Stability of BitcoinRussian Industrialist Union to Create Arbitration Board for Crypto-Related DisputesWhy is Mr. Delegation (Steemit) Delegating 345k SP to a dead account?MEME - The When Will Steemit Release SMTs LotteryTrying out dclick.ioBinance Introduces Blockchain-Based Donation Website at UN ConferenceAllPosts v3 BETA (& Benefactors) - Fundraising Post #5AllPosts v3 BETA (& Benefactors) - Fundraising Post #4AllPosts v3 BETA - Fundraising Post #3SHUT UP AND THROW ME MONEY ON BRAVE [FOR FREE] (How to tip creators)OnePageXVisa Set to Launch Blockchain-Based Digital Identity System with IBM in Q1 2019We Won Netcoins!AllPosts v3 BETA - Fundraising Post #2Ernst & Young Report: One Year on, ICOs' Fate Is 'Worse Than We Thought'#Ulog: Well...AllPosts v3 BETA - Fundraising Post #2ULOG: The AllPosts 3 BETA & Fundraiser [PLEASE READ]OH NO! Verge Overtook US!!!!Steemies, We did it, lets keep it!Come on steemiansMy Actifit Report Card: October 17 2018DLike MemeUlog: Play Games, Earn Steem!Steem To The Moon: Vote NowThe Dangers of Social Media to You & Friends | πŸ”₯ Social Media LitSteemit Benefactors - Customise posts with beneficiaries and custom permlinksImages Of Money For SteemiansWhy Cryptocurrency Is Important to MePANOPTICLICK - Find out how trackable your browser's fingerprint is!My Actifit Report Card: October 11 2018My Actifit Report Card: October 9 2018Steemit All Posts - Find buried and hidden posts with easeMy Actifit Report Card: October 8 2018Ulog: New chickensMy Actifit Report Card: October 4 2018My Actifit Report Card: October 2 2018Ulog: Why you should purge your follower listMy Actifit Report Card: September 27 2018The whole of steemit yesterdayπŸ”₯ Social Media Lit | Blog About Social Media LiteracyFor Developers: Have your sc2 login/votes/posting stopped working?Steemit Benefactors: v2 Steemconnect FixSteemconnect Login Down?Wholesale Demonitization, Now at youtube!Announcement: Steemit Benefactors v2! Please Read!Final Fix 🀞10/10 Would miss out an exclamation mark again!I forgot to upload the fix :(datasplitterPlease WorkIroning Out The BugsTesting 2TestingHow to Protect your Data Online | πŸ”₯ Social Media LitRights and Responsibilies Of Social Media | πŸ”₯ Social Media LitPersonal Data Abuse by Social Media Enterprises | πŸ”₯ Social Media LitSteem Benefactors Steem AllpostsUlog: Fresh New Redesign Coming To A Web AppGet All of An Authors PostsMy Actifit Report Card: September 20 2018πŸ”₯ Social Media Lit | A Blog About Social Media LiteracyMy Actifit Report Card: September 19 2018#MinnowUprising: Starting PointPaths To RichnessUses for Social Media to Individuals and Groups | πŸ”₯ Social Media LitStranded Without InternetMusings of a Teen Overloaded With Homeworks/Homeworki?*Ulog (∞+1)/2: College As Usual; $homework++;My Actifit Test day #1: September 18 2018Companies that Provide Social Media Services | πŸ”₯ Social Media LitHow you can Protect your Privacy Online | πŸ”₯ Social Media LitUlog: Conor, ICU!Ulog: Guess Who: Got their full offer from college?TestUlog #28: Reflections @ 100 STEEM POWER & >1k Followers!Ulog: My New CSS Widget: Plussy (Plussy.CSS)Ulog #26: Where have I been?Original Works Contest; Iagon Thanks for 1k Followers!Ulog #25: Check out my android apps!Your Business MegaTest - Coding Image From PixabayUlog #24: Lazy CADawg#STEEMGIGS: I will setup privex/vps as web server Ulog #23: Keep Steeming & Keep Having Fun!Ulog #22: Coding, Simple Solutions, Hard to find!Ulog #21: School MondayA Crappy Short StoryUlog #20: Fathers DayUlog #19: HoMeWoRk Is fUnBusyUlog #19: C'est La Vie!Ulog #18: The End of Steemit Success - Ending RoundUpdate The backer supporters Ulog #17: Inactive Cadawg, Dead Cadawg?@cadawg - The 16-year-old Steemit Developer with big dreams!#STEEMGIGS: @abdollar's 0.5SBD Cartoon CaricatureSteemit Success - Day 20, Even Better!Ulog #16: SurpassingGoogle Hurt My Feelings!Ulog #15: Happy CADawgTeam Fortress 2 Ep #2BlockTrades: The Fees VS The Steemit AlternativesUlog #14: I feel burnt outUlog #13: completed somethingSteemitAchievers is still throwing money down the drain!Steemit Success - Day 10, Going Well!Ulog #12: A tiring dayHad a very busy day today, sorry for not posting!Steem-Python: AttributeError: 'bool' object has no attribute 'close' Ulog #12: CodingUlog #11: Something I ForgotUlog #10: My first SG Talk Show (it was great fun)!Steemit Contests Compilation #1 | @cadawgUlog #9: Revamp V3 (I Need Your Opinions)Kind Ads - The Revolution in online advertising?@chinito's Steemit Success ChallengeUlog #8: Chilling with no bandwidthMermaidvampire's Poetry Reading ContestUlog #7: All PostsHey steemians, another app by @cadawg!Test #3Test yet againThis is a testThe #beneficiaries-app Contest / SBD GiveawayUlog #6: When you try your best but you don't succeed!Hey Steemians, Check out my little new steemit app!Test bigTest LowPretty much the last testAbout to go live - My First Steem App!My Entry for the @moonbot contestTestTestTestBreaking CaptchaUlog #6: Coding...SC2 Won't let me change redirect uri(s) in my appTF2: Casual & A RaffleTF2: Casual & A Small RaffleUlog #5: UnprogressionTeam Fortress 2Goat SimulatorUlog #4: Exam StressUlog #3: ChillingThe look your boss gives you when you haven't said a buzzword today!Ulog #2: When Javascript Hates You, Hate Javascript BackA Nameless Song #1 - @cadawgHey Steemians, My Website Actually Has Stuff Now!A quick shoutout for a quick contest!#ulog (Day 1): Posting Elsewhere (not betraying steemit btw)Cool doggo meme by me and @mermaidvampireHey, Steemian, do you know how to reset your keys?Little Update on MeNo Steemit Today! - MS Paint MemesWhen u realise u dun goofed the app2 Exams for the next 2 daysWhen u realise u dun goofed the appWhen u realise u dun goofed the appWhen u realise u dun goofed the appTeam Fortress 2 - #1TEST: Please IGNORESneaky Boi!Automation V1 - Post To SteemitGuess who's back? @cadawg's back!So sorry, another one!OH! GOD! Another dreaded post!How to become a spammerYet again, @cadawg is testing his goddamned program!Test Post UnSimulator 2018Toast Simulator 2018Testy McTestFace - SteemApps BetaData Abuse By Social Media EnterprisesWhen your vote moves the value counter!Steem-Python: Mass MessagingCheck out our new improved blog.Winners of Talking to your 16 year old self Contest!Competition has been closed, waiting on final results!Sorry, steemians, but because we have guests over, I won't be able to do my utopian post today, but hopefully look forward to it tomorrow!Google Code-In Reward!Contest Entries! (Day 4)Contest Entries! (Day 3)Hey Steemians, Just wanted to promote my class work!Contest Entries! (Day 2)Good Old Stone Wall | DofE, A Photo Series By @cadawgMy First Contest For Red Fishes | Talking to your 16 year old self | 500 FollowersWe built an igloo!SteemGigs Visual BugInstalling Python & Steem-Python on Windows 10!Sorry guys but I will not be able to do my UTOPIAN post today. Look forward to it tomorrow, hopefully!Snow.. Snow.. Snow..Nice Scenery | DofE, A Photo Series By @cadawgWhen you finally have the SBD for minnowbooster.Weird, But Good (Not Good for you) Lunch!Music Time | DofE, A Photo Series By @cadawg Still Quite Forest-y | A Photo Series By @cadawgSnowy TracksScottish Higher: Physics | Work FunctionThe Final Expedition | A Photo Series By @cadawgSun a day keeps the doctor away πŸŒžπŸ˜€πŸŒžTop of the mountain | A Photo Series By @cadawgProgramming Tutorial #8: Using Steemconnect OAuth (PHP)Bye bye vote worth...The start of DofE | A Photo Series By @cadawgI have been awarded with my bronze DofE award.What I found at our local castle ruin!A-Wild-SteemConnect-V2-Api-AppearsBased on a true storyProgramming Tutorial #7: Using Steemconnect OAuth (PHP) #1Welcome To Steemit! - A Guide By @cadawgJust Finished my DofE Award. So Happy!Contest for steem newbies by @mermaidvampireProgramming Tutorial #6: Login (Signup / Login in PHP Finale)Scottish Higher: Physics | Electricity, Fields & BatteriesRIP Voting Power, Hello Curation trail!Programming Tutorial #5: Registration (Signup / Login in PHP)First Steem Payout!Landscape Photography ~ King of the PropProgramming Tutorial #4: Manipulating DB (Signup / Login in PHP)Colour Challenge | PURPLE | Day 7Color Challenge | LILAC | Day 6Scottish Higher: Physics | Hubble's LawColour Challenge | BLUE | Day 5Colour Challenge | GREEN | Day 4Scottish Higher: Physics | Equations And Graphs of MotionColour Challenge | YELLOW | Day 3Scottish Higher: Physics | Prefixes, Units & Scientific NotationColour Challenge | ORANGE | Day 2Colour Challenge | RED | Day 1Programming Tutorial #3: Databases (Signup / Login in PHP)SCOTTISH HIGHER: Physics | UncertantiesLooking forward to friday... Actually! | My 7-day Black & White Challenge Entry, Day 7SteemitCrush in a rush!Looking forward to friday... I wish! | My 7-day Black & White Challenge Entry, Day 6The way I do what I do! | My 7-day Black & White Challenge Entry, Day 5I'm busy..! | My 7-day Black & White Challenge Entry, Day 4Programming Tutorial #2: Prerequisites (Signup / Login in PHP)My Hobby and Passion | My 7-day Black & White Challenge Entry, Day 33-Legged Fluff of my life | My 7-day Black & White Challenge Entry, Day 2Study, Study, Study | My 7-day Black & White Challenge Entry, Day 1Be Gone Bot!For a short while, I will be posting lessProgramming Tutorial #1 (Hello, World!)Programs you will need for my tutorial! (FREE Jetbrains Licence Server TOO!)How to earn Steem / Steem Dollars by completing surveys and tasksA Mystical GlowIntroduce YourselfI was told that this app isn't working, so I'm checking that it does.My Late Birthday Present To STEEMCheck my latest fight ! cadawg vs frankkCome on guys! Only 1 Question ArrayHelp to increase STEEM's reach, we only need 5 more 10 Vote QuestionsWhere have I been?Check my latest fight ! mermaidvampire vs cadawgPALNet Coin Drop: Yay!Plankton Token + Actifit (Free Account Creation)Back Down The RabbitHole: Steem MonstersOh noes! I'm powering down 😒How to claim rewards on WeedCashPlankton Discord - Play `Guess The Steemian` in 1 hour!PLANKTON TOKEN (PLKN) -- Who We Are and Why We Are Here?Trying out weedcashCheck my latest fight ! aokiji vs cadawgCheck my latest fight ! mojam vs cadawgWeekly news updateThe Great Discord Panic ~ 2 Days AgoMy Actifit Report Card: July 20 2019@Hottest-Whale, The New Negative ROI "Upvote Bot" ExperimentOpening my SplinterLands rewards from last season!I'm powering up so you don't have to | Halfway to DolphinWhy haven't you followed me on Twitter yet?I found a big number in discord today (to do with Whales)I feel so honoured right now.Fixing some funny bugs.Would my investment in STEEM be a waste if it went to 0?How to stop retaliation flagging. No HardFork required!Steem Tools 2: The SteemeningSteem Engine Tools: What am I up to?Steem Engine Tools: Market Open Orders and Market CalculatorsSteem Engine Tools: Delegations & Pending UndelegationsBitcoin Price Holds $10,000 as Top Cryptos See Mixed MovementsBlockchain Browser Brave Launches Token Tipping Service for Twitter UsersWhat Bear Market? Bitcoin Price Rises to $10,500 Eyeing a BreakoutBitcoin Passes New Milestone as Network Mines 85% of Its Total SupplyBitcoin Price Dips Below $10K as BTC Shrugs Off Its First Fed Rate CutCash Cash - Overtime but every other beat is missingBitcoin Recovery Breaks Back Over $10,000 | CointelegraphBlacklist2Mute: A Tool For SCOT/Distribubot Instances (+ Investments)Investing a little more into STEEM (And some nice SM rewards)Reviewing the Reviewers: ReviewHuntI missed a day (by coding)Cool stuff #2: Radio GardenCool stuff #1: Geometriz(s)e WebThe daily coininstant downvote post.The I need to post something in the next 15 mins or my daily streak ends and I give up daily postsHottest Whale - Well it's not greatAnother bot swallowed up by #newsteem!#NewSteem's Reach To Bid Bots - Another one bites the dust!Reaching 3.5K SPWhen you don't know how well your community is going. OH DAMN!Buying a book (for once) with a Book Token I've had for a while and found todayAlmost 1k Up from last week #newsteemNew dAPP: Guest Posting on STEEM! (2 dApps, 1 Week)dMessages - Chat App Day #1A Chat App, Truly on STEEM!I ❀ STEEM, but do you?Republished for spreading. Help STEEM & The world - Plant Trees!Trying To Stomp a scam: ``Biting the Bullet: Renewing & the hostingFixed up a small bug with SE ToolsWhy not having a STEEM shill army might be a good thing.Spooktober TrumpfFixed up my Tribe accountsSince reblog ain't working on SteemPeak, go follow @c-aKeeping Steem Tools (SE Tools) Going [438.070 STEEM]A Little More (102) of The CamilleSquad's Delegations Removed =)This is a test post!Get it done and stop wasting autovotes.Quick Post: 1advantage of Esteem over PartikoWho Doesn't Like A Freebie?Big trouble in little Partiko!Hello everyoneGot Some Cool Domains & Set Up Some StuffPowering Up a Little More TodayY'all offering me free money, but still I haven't posted for 2 days!CADawg rapidly spends STEEM then needs the STEEM he spent πŸ˜‚Stackin' them autovotes =)What have you done for #newsteem (and What have I done?)SE Tools Finally Gets An Update! - Claim Rewards and View in TableWhat Steemian is special to YOU? @mermaidvampire is!I'm a dolphin πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰The Convert function is a waste of money & time. (I'm a dolphin)I got my book, then took a poorly-lit selfie which you will be blessed with now.I've thought of a Kinda-Crazy way to promote STEEM.Won 2 GFL Untamed Cards todaySPUD8: Powered Up 961.147 STEEM!Guest Posting Update - Fixed Declined, Null and STEEMDAO payouts and set username formatBurned Through 61 Untamed Packs TodayThe Only Black Friday Deal I took someone up onSDCD (Steem Dollar Conversion Day) #1 - SPUD Compatible1 Gold Legendary LaterOnboarding is so difficult, we need to fix it...2 Years on STEEMLast post of the decade probably: I'm not dead lolBuying Stuff With STEEM. Easy. Fee-Free. Fast.PSA: Check your encrypted memosHigh Quality Built On STEEM IconsAccidentally completing a #STEEM Goal of MineI have Stackitus, and the only cure is MOAR SILVER!!!Got My 2019 STEEM Silver Rounds - They lπŸ‘€k awesome! Cards now available in the EU (& UK), Why not get one? (FREE* $50)Minted my first Hive-only block.CADawg witnessed a block on both chains before the split, and is still a witness on both (2 servers) + STOP Token info!Last post before the splitI'm in the 1% - People who are blocked by justin sun on twitter πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚As a dev - I don't know which chain to pick...Stop Token Goes Automatic@cadawg's Witness - Fastest Price feed in all the Wild WestStop.Token/Top30Proxy UpdateMy witness server is just itching to go live... Running for witnessTogether we stand, Divided We FallProtest Against The TRON Takeover (Using Customer Funds From Polo, Binance and Huobi) - Delete (remove) Your dAppsWhat is SoftFork 0.22.2? A dive into the codeWhat is SoftFork 0.22.2? A dive into the codeWhat is SoftFork 0.22.2? A dive into the codeWhat is SoftFork 0.22.2? A dive into the codeWhat does "SoftFork 0.22.2" of the STEEM Blockchain do?Check out my new communities: Programming, SteemOverflow & BadLogoInfringementQuick Question: Are any of you members of @TheBirbNest Discord ServerGood moderation can finally overcome spam!Reclaiming this community from KlyeIf you don't vote for witnesses, Justin will take our kneecaps. (FREE STEEM?!?)Got my hands on a 2017 roundI got my hands on some 2018 rounds 😁DISABLED

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