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Welcome to the application All Posts.
This application allows you to skim through a user’s posting history. Also allowing sorting, filtering and ordering in different ways.



Firstly, we started the project with Version 1. Now we can say Rest in peace as this version is long gone, and it was a functional eyesore!


Much the same as version 3 (Current) but was only driven from the blockchain. This lead to it being rather slow and didn’t allow for as easy searching as one would hope for/expect.

v3. (BETA)

For a start, it takes a little while with the populating and downloading of all a users posts takes a fair while. This depends on how many posts said author has written. To solve this, you see version 2 while we load all the posts into our database.  This is also beneficial if you need to do a quick query, we don’t have to hold you up!


Now, after a year of hosting, we have fundraised for the next year. During this we have moved to the better domain of As we can see, this clearly beats as it much better explains the purpose of the site!

How to use?

Go to

Now, on this page, enter your search query, and optionally specify a tag in the second box. Now hit search and watch as the server whirrs into action!

Next, click on the link and you will see with something as below:

AllPosts v3 Ready Banner
v2 Ready Banner

Next, click on the link and you should be presented with something similar to below:

Beta v3 All Posts Screenshot
Beta v3 Screenshot

As you can see there is an obvious link to go back to v2 if necessary, and also the option of newest or oldest first. As you write more posts, this page we re-grab all your latest posts from the blockchain to serve to you.

After a while, it seems like steem profiles are going to take up a lot of space on the server. With 2 (small-ish) profiles loaded, it has eaten 10MB of storage. Although, this should be ok as we have GigaBytes ready for your posts!

Try it out here

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