Bitcoin ATM: Trying to buy DASH

Hi Steemians,

Yesterday I realized that a new Bitcoin ATM, at The Trinity Center, a shopping center near me, had been installed, so I set off on a quest to buy whatever coin(s) they offered, in this case DASH/BTC.

Today, was, well interesting to say the least. Firstly, I got some money out from my bank then headed on my way to the ATM. Upon arriving, I realized that it was already in use so decided to go and get some food while I waited.

Bitcoin ATM: Can you tell?

The ATM in all it’s glory

When I got back, the ATM was no longer in use, GREAT! So I inserted a SCOTTISH £10 banknote, no luck. I thought, must be because of the new polymer notes. I tried a SCOTTISH £20 banknote, and no luck again, you DON’T accept local currency?

So, not realizing there was a closer branch, walked all the way back to my bank, to ask for some English banknotes, and after sifting through piles of cash, they finally managed to find enough English banknotes.

Now, I headed back, sure that it would accept these notes, and to no surprise, it did! It gladly took all of them to add to it’s 7k Stash. I chose to take it as DASH over BTC. I then scanned the QR on my mobile wallet, confirmed. Right there the transaction popped up in my wallet and I received my money! It almost felt unreal, my first investment (money wise) into cryptocurrencies!

As I am under the age to sign up for many of the Fiat 2 crypto services, this has proven the most viable option, and with less than 7% fees I cannot really complain.

It required no verification, which is nice and it was a fast process (other than running back and forward to the bank) so I would say that it was a rather good experience, but if they want some brownie points, I’m gonna need to be able to pay with Scottish cash.

Bitcoin ATM: My dash receipt!

The Output


ATM Name: The Aberdeen Trinity Centre – S**tcoins Club – Bitcoin ATM


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