Steem Delegation tool: The simple way

Simple Steem Delegation Tool

Simply create a dynamic delegation link with the Steem Delegation tool.
The website is designed to match the theme of SteemConnect, while also distancing itself from trying to be SteemConnect, because, as we all know, there are too many SteemConnect scams out there.
After deciding how much to delegate, you will then be taken to the real SteemConnect to complete the delegation.
By default this app uses Steem Power, but you can also choose VESTS from the dropdown list.

What is it?

It’s a simple delegation tool for steem, which looks like this:
I designed it to be as simple as possible, it requires no JavaScript!  It also works across Firefox, Edge and Chrome (tested on my PC). But you may be thinking ‘That’s nice and all, but how do I make a link easily?’
Screenshot of the simple STEEM delegation tool.

The Creation Tool:

You can fill out this form: 
After inputting the fields you want, (everything but delegatee is optional), they are as so:
    • Delegatee – Required – The person to receive said delegation
    • Nickname – Optional – An alternative name to display next to your steem name (like Conor above)
    • Website After Delegation – Optional – After going through Steem Connect, they will go to this URL. Please note that they can still visit the website as it will be in the URL bar. Don’t rely on this if they NEED to have delegated to you
    • Description Message – The message to show below the Next button, like ‘Delegate me steem please :)’ above.
  • Create Button – Press it and it will take you to the delegate page you created. You can copy the URL from the URL bar and send that to people who you want to delegate, for example, this is my link!
In the future, I may add support for Keychain. Thanks and hope you find this tool useful!

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