Steem Monsters: Getting That 9 Win streak

I’m great at getting win streaks in Steem Monsters; Then losing them…

Welcome to a rather different steem tools post.

I was on a roll today, as I have finally managed to surpass bronze in Steem Monsters with the new system. This has certainly taken me way too long to get used to! Today I also got my first 5 card bonus from a quest. From this I even got a nice and shiny card. So today has been good for steem monsters.

Once I beat the 1k points hurdle, I have managed to get a fair way through silver 2. I also got a nice 9 win streak, which all too quickly came to an end. (and also 2 people surrendered, so I got a bit of help)

Steem Tools 9 Winstreak in steem monsters

The Streak

It was nice while it lasted. I can say that I am glad that I managed to get there. After passing into silver, I have got the hang of the game once again. Loving it once more, as always losing is not the most fun way to play.

The struggle

I have honestly been struggling like hell between Bronze I and Silver III. That’s all I’ve spent my time doing so far, and it doesn’t make my deck seem so good. But a good craftsman never blames his tools.

Also, just in today, it took me around 19 defeats to get to this, I was even struggling to reach 800 points at one point! And to think I made it to diamond league before, shows how good I am at playing the game hahaha!

Shameless self promotion

If you would like to join Steem Monsters, you can do so here (Affilate) or down below non-affiliate, I may hand out some free packs to people who use my affiliate code, and it won’t cost you any more! So why not?

Big thanks to the SM team! Come play @

~ @cadawg

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