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Steem: My First Year is Over!

Hey, Steem community, I have now been on Steem for a year, today, new years day, and I would like to take a look back on my year. To see what I have accomplished and gained thanks to this blockchain Experience This year on Steem, I have made 3 (bad) apps and contributed to dLike, which has gained much more popularity. I also now have a SteemPress Blog, at https://steem.tools/… Read Article →

Steem Delegation tool: The simple way

Simple Steem Delegation Tool   Simply create a dynamic delegation link with the Steem Delegation tool.   The website is designed to match the theme of SteemConnect, while also distancing itself from trying to be SteemConnect, because, as we all know, there are too many SteemConnect scams out there. After deciding how much to delegate, you will then be taken to the real SteemConnect to complete the delegation. By default… Read Article →