Writing good content for the Steem Platform

Writing via steem tools

Luckily, I took up a writing course so that you don’t have to.

Today I will share what I have learned.
Also, I will share useful apps to help improve the way that you write.

Show Up

It is not about writing great content first time, it’s about writing something first time!
Don’t get it right, get it written!
Write as you feel, doesn’t matter if it makes you want to cringe.
Go ahead, write as this is the hardest part of the battle!

Write With Purpose

Another Thing, Always know who you are writing for. Think ‘Who is your audience?’ as you write.
Establish what you want to achieve.

‘Good Writers’ aren’t Good Writers

Another thing that may be interesting to many average writers: good writers are good self-editors and not ‘good writers’.
You can write anything and with enough editing make it brilliant and engaging. Good editing should convince steemians to check out your other content. As such, you should Readability, so a wide range of steemians can understand your content. Also, it should be Concise, don’t make them wait around for the punch, make sure you know what the punch is as well.

The Punch

Take this example:

There will be a school trip on Thursday, all classes will be visiting the Zoo and Mrs Mackay will be leading the trip.

So, what’s the punch in this?



Hemingway Editor

Another way to improve your writing is with the Hemingway Editor, which highlights the key things to exclude and change in your text.
This allows you to learn what to avoid, and how to get points across easier.
Also, because I have structured this in a better way, this post should take up less than a minute of your time to read! You can thank me in up-votes!

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