Crypto: A New Experience

Crypto: My Experience

Since the age of 9, I have used computers. I first learned Visual Basic despite having no prior experience with computers. I then eventually made my way into crypto!

First Experience With crypto

The first time I ‘experienced’ crypto, I didn’t know what it was. This was due to finding the Be Your Own Bank chrome plugin which caught my interest with a slogan like that. I couldn’t understand how it worked and gave up

Get Money, Get Cash

Many years later I found this website which gave out crypto for surveys. Me being under the age to have PayPal and not having a card, I thought ‘I can use money now?’

Spending It

Through this site, I made a healthy amount of bitcoin (~0.01 + when bitcoin was ~$200). I immediately spent this on stuff like domains for a website. It’s great that a lot of them accept crypto. It felt awesome to be able to buy stuff online.
At this point, this address is long gone and I have lost the wallet it was in. Anyhow, it was empty so I can’t be mad (and it’s my fault for not backing it up).

The Doge Awakens

The next crypto I got into was doge coin. Using money from that same survey site, which I either spent or lost the private key to :(. From this, we can tell I’ve lost way too many private keys to admit.

Now, Steem

Then, at a random point in a google search, I met Steem through a top search result for my query. I signed up at the end of 2017, and had my account activated on January 1st 2018.

How I made it

During the higher times, I have made the majority of my SP from Utopian posts. These usually earned me around $40 a pop for my login tutorial series, amongst other projects.

Crypto and Code

Another awesome thing about crypto is that I have managed to have a platform to base my code around and build for. This is how All Posts and Benefactors came to be. The first one used to look up a Steem author’s posts quicker with tag filtering. Also, I created benefactors to split post rewards and allow for custom Perm Links!

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