Steem: My First Year is Over!

Hey, Steem community,

I have now been on Steem for a year, today, new years day, and I would like to take a look back on my year. To see what I have accomplished and gained thanks to this blockchain


This year on Steem, I have made 3 (bad) apps and contributed to dLike, which has gained much more popularity. I also now have a SteemPress Blog, at which is also where my tools are hosted, my tools are:

Steem AllPosts

Quickly discover a user’s older posts and filter by tag using this simple interface, which requires no sign in.

Steem Benefactors
Post with beneficiaries and custom URLs

Simple Delegate

An easier way to delegate custom amounts to your favourite steemians, just type the amount and go.

The Games

I have enjoyed Steem Monsters on this chain and I am looking forward to many more matches of the ever-addicting game! Come battle me if you dare (lol, I’m crap so don’t worry). It has also allowed me to gain SP through the sale of lots of GOLD CARDS.

The People

I have met many great people on this platform. So i’m going to give them a shoutout

@mermaidvampire – Liquid motivation, awesome friend and 10/10 would meet again, we met in the comments of her introduceyourself post, just after I had written mine, and we have been steem best friends, regularly messaging on discord since.

@johndoer123 – Support, Generosity & Just being cool – Battled a couple of times in steem monsters. As well as this, he has always supported me and I won’t forget his kindness on the platform

@surpassinggoogle – Everybody Pleaser – The most generous user on the platform – offered me support, motivation and has even helped me to get my (ever-failing) apps out there into the steemiverse.

Also, @olivia08, @mers and @otom, you also deserve a big thanks for all your support and comments this past year. Also, I look forward to talking with you all more on discord.

Thanks an awful lot everyone,

All the best and I wish you all a great 2019,

le @cadawg

p.s. Another big up to @mermaidvampire

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